Tuesday, May 25, 2010


When we first got here we Netflixed a movie called Sugar. I highly recommend it. It's about the experiences of a Dominican pelotero (baseball player) who is recruited to the minor leagues in the US. In one scene, the main character recalls getting a scar on his head as a child. He says he got the scar falling from a cherry tree. I remember when we were watching the movie I said, "They have cherry trees here?"

Indeed - we are now in cherry (cereza) season! I really wish I had a photo of the man who goes down a super busy street near our house with a rickety horse drawn carriage and wagon with cerezas overflowing. It's this unbelievable contrast of the modern with the old - like so many things here. When we go out - jugo de cereza has now been added to the list of fresh juices that the waiters list off for our boys when they order.

Yesterday, on the way home, stuck in the loco Dominican traffic a man was selling bags of cerezas. One large bag went for 100 pesos (about $2.50, but more like $1 in real value). He ended up giving me two bags for 150 pesos.
The bags were almost overflowing and filled the car with a thick, syrupy sweet smell. I was imagining cherry cobbler.

When we got home Vilma said, "I'll make juice!" I said we could do that, but to freeze half the cherries so I could use them later to make a cobbler. As soon as she started preparing them for juicing I realized that was not going to happen. I actually have a cherry pitter - a very handy little tool that I almost never use. But, I was surprised to find that the cherries had more than one pit! And, they are so small they popped right through the part of the pitter that is supposed to hold the fruit. So no cobbler for us - which is really okay because we are now less than one month away from Austin and the final stages of peach season which means peach cobbler…with BLUEBELL!!! Yippeee!

But - no worries! They are sweet and do make great juice. Interestingly, because of the seed and size issue, Vilma just dumped the whole fruit in the blender, chopped it up and then strained out the seed parts with a sieve. De-lish!


  1. You won't believe this... I was JUST at the grocery store an hour ago and guess what - the cherries (at Safeway) were $14.99 PER POUND but if you had a Safeway card they were "on sale" for $7.99 PER POUND!

    I tried one, but they weren't even that yummy!

    So you've hit the jackpot, girl! Enjoy some for us, for I'm wayyyy too cheap to buy $8 per pound cherries that aren't really that tasty anyway!

    And yes, the Bluebell awaits your arrival...

  2. So jealous! Cherry juice sounds awesome!

  3. Multiple-pitted cherries? What a bizarre little revelation. We liked the movie Sugar, too. I think it would be intense watching it while living in the DR!

  4. OMG Peach season! thank you for reminding me! I will have to tell my mom to save some peaches from her tree to make cobbler. Yummmmm!

    Glad the juice came out well. Those look just like the cherries from a plant called Barbados Cherry I used to grow back in San Antonio. It was a large shrub and the boys used to fight the mocking birds and jays for the fruit. It had lots of little seeds but was tasty. Was supposed to have an incredibly high vitamin C content.

  5. Kolbi - yes, the pricing is the craziest thing. This is a poor country that is expensive to live in, but getting inexpensive fruits and veggies has been one of the greatest delights.

    Shannon - these are supposed to be super high in Vitamin C and other nutrients. I bet it is the same thing that you were growing in SA. It sounds like we will be enjoying the same TX treats at the same time! Happy eating to you!