Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Small Stuff

My life is full of great and fantastic adventures. I frequently think, "Is this real?" So much of our FS life is big - big moves, big language adjustments, big pack-outs, big culture shock. I try not to get wrapped up in the big stuff. I am a constant observer of the small things - but not by nature - it takes practice. Having kids has helped. They always notice the little things and that helps me notice the little things too. Like yesterday.

Back in Austin it's a normal spring occurrence for oak pollen to collect on one's windshield. It's really ugly stuff - brown, bristly, dusty and hyper-allergenic. It's nasty. Sometimes, because I used to only wash my car twice a year (yes, that's right) I would find oak pollen from the prior spring collected in the nooks and crannies of the engine.

But, this is DR - no oak pollen. What did I find collected on the windshield along the wipers - a mango!! I had parked under a mango tree the other day. My four-year-old thought this was endlessly fantastic. He was speculating about how long it had been there (I am thinking it rode out three days). He couldn't wait to cut it open - although, he is not the biggest mango fan (it's the texture, I think). It was delicious!

Seriously! I live a life where mangos fall on my car and collect like autumn leaves…or Texas oak pollen. It's awesome….and perhaps provides a warning about parking under coconut palms.


  1. Oak pollen....I remember how sick that made me.

    What a great, free treat to find a mango on your car. NICE!!

  2. Your last sentence was hilarious! Loved the part about the coconut trees!

  3. Nice post! We also have dropping mangoes right now in India and our daughter has a ball as well. Enjoy!

  4. I agree with your 4-year-old. A mango falling on my car would be endlessly fantastic.

  5. ah, I didn't realize you had updated your blog...yes, mangos on the windshield. love it. love the DR. please, please, FS, send me back there someday! keep enjoying for all of us, jodi.

  6. The oak pollen never bothered me it was the awful mountain cedar in late winter that made my life miserable! I am so glad that the stuff on your car doesn't make you sneeze but instead makes for a tasty snack.