Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The Dominican Republic has quite the sordid political past. Invasion, war, dictatorship, corruption, coup, stir, repeat and add those famous Caribbean waters. Serious history. And it just keeps on happening.

Right now the President is Leonel Fernandez. He is serving his third term (second consecutive). The Constitution says he’s done come May 2012. That’s why these billboards get me a little weirded out. And I keep missing my chance to get a photo of the ones encouraging us to consider the fabulous personal characteristics of Margarita…the first lady. Because, you know, presumably, she could serve that fourth term...or something. Wow.

This one doesn't make sense to me, but translated it means something like, "Because he doesn't belong, but the country deserves him."
"Always forward, never back."
"The country is asking for him."
"Listen to my voice."
"I'm with Leonel" - this is a Dominican/English play on words - they often use "toy" for "estoy" - clearly appealing to the younger generation here.


  1. love the signs a lo estilo dominicano! Esp "p'alante" and "p'atras". Quite interesting. Sounds like Leonel isn't going anywhere. :(

  2. hmm I don't think I said that right. I mixed up "al estilo dominicano" and "a lo dominicano". Take your pick...:)

  3. Yes! Dominicans - telling you what you need to know with twice the words and half the syllables! Love it!