Friday, July 30, 2010

That. Was. Good.

Well, the whirlwind is coming to an end. We have eaten our way clear across Texas…well, actually we pretty much stuck to Austin…but we did eat a lot nonetheless. Some final thoughts on our first R&R experience – (1) I never really stopped being aware of the pure yumminess of all the food – every meal was absolutely enjoyable and I felt mindful of the gift of it, (2) I did get sick of eating out and remembered how nice a home-cooked meal is when you’re not having to substitute any ingredients, (3) my boys mostly seemed to enjoy meals of rice, salad, fish and fruit – go figure (check out the watermelon they downed for desert tonight) and (4) I ate far fewer tacos than I thought I would, but still ate a lot. Most significant thing I hadn’t really realized how much I missed (and dare I say, missed perhaps more than tacos – gasp!) – Indian!! The thing is, I can cook TexMex in DR. I know TexMex. TexMex is in my blood, but good Indian takes a level of skill that I have never been able to work up to. I can whip up a pretty good dal or an edible basic curry, but there is nothing like the Indian at places like Bombay Express. They might serve all their food on Styrofoam and be in a strip mall, but MAN do they make me want to be posted to India!

So, there you have it. It was delicious and fun and now we are ready to get home – to daddy, to Vilma, to plain ol’ rice and beans and fruit salad on the street and Presidente. I feel a renewed sense of excitement for Dominican eating. For the curious – what food made it into the grand shop-o-thon? Well, a handful of food requests from colleagues, but not a single thing for us. I kept being tempted, but figured I didn’t know where to start…or rather, where to end. And, blissed-out on incredible fare, I like to remember, absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.


  1. sounds like you enjoyed to the fullest. Que les vaya super bien!

  2. I am delighted to find your blog! My husband passed his OA about 6 weeks ago and he is currently in the security clearance phase. I am eager to learn all I can about this crazy-fabulous life and am off to read more of your charming blog!

  3. Consumate Hostess - Congrats on the FS process! It is an exciting and crazy ride. Best wishes to both of you. I'm glad you found and like the blog! Thanks for reading.