Friday, June 25, 2010

Back in Tacoville

My first domestic meal in almost 9 months? A bagel, wrapped in saran-wrap, with squeeze-on Philadelphia cream cheese, at Miami International. Not exactly what I had envisioned, but the ability to tell Jeremy, "Just grab me a bagel," when he went to procure snacks was so, so awesome. The oddest thing about arriving in the States? The fact that the airport food looked tasty. I found my mouth-watering. This perhaps suggests I have been suffering from a higher degree of depravity than I had previously imagined.

We had the most amazingly smooth travel experience - I can only hope it goes as smoothly when I am returning to DR with the niƱos by myself a little over a month from now.

And how's the land of tacos? Well, we were dog-tired and couldn't make it to one of our favorite taco haunts and forget even touching a Negra Modelo, but we did opt for the always convenient Chipotle. That and a glass of my mom's iced tea….aahhhhh…we're off to a fabulous start.

Weird things? Well, my mom had a fruit bowl filled with grapes. We were all over them. I kept feeling guilty like, "I'm eating all her grapes," then I realized that (1) she can get grapes whenever she wants and (2) they will cost her a normal grape price, like, I don't know a couple dollars per pound. In other semi-food-related weirdness - it's surprisingly difficult to believe you can brush your teeth with and even drink the tap water. It's like our brains have created an automatic resistance. Today we venture out and I am sure will be more inundated with these rarities.

Oh, and the chinola made it just fine!


  1. welcome back to the States! have a great visit!

  2. I have two observations. One - I went through the same thing with adjusting to normal life in the US. At my previous post you had to separate all alcohol-related items (bottles, bottle caps, cans, etc) from regular trash, and you had to haul the sinful detritus in to the embassy so the evidence could be destroyed. I left almost a year ago, and I still have trouble throwing a beer bottle cap into the regular trash can! Two - Chipotle. Oh Lord yes. I miss it so, and I haven't been out of the States a month yet!

  3. Oh wow- Welcome home!!

    Chipotle. What a phenomenal place. You have good taste in restaurants!! :)

    Happy eating!

  4. When I came home to San Antonio after being in Jakarta for a year I was really looking forward to good Mexican, but strangely what I was craving was pork. Lotsa pork. Sausage, bacon, pork chops. I would not make a good vegetarian or I'm afraid a very good Muslim. Right now I just want a bean and cheese breakfast taco. I only have to wait until Sat. Enjoy Texas!