Friday, August 20, 2010


Aaaand, just when we were getting to the point where tostones, rice and habichuelas were feeling like food of the gods (or, you know, good) it’s time to bid again! I can hardly believe it! And yet, it’s been 18 months since we last bid, so it makes since. I love, love, love bidding. It is exactly like when I used to lay on the floor with the Atlas as a child and close my eyes and flip the pages and imagine where I would end up.

All the questions. All the categories. Schools? Danger? Language? Job? Coffee or vodka? Falafel or sushi? Pad thai or curry? Aaaahhhh the possibilities are endless…within a certain highly constricted realm.

Okay gratuitous request: If you have a post you loved – tell me. If you have a post you hated – tell me. And, if you have something especially good (or bad) to say about the food definitely let me know. Would love to hear from some of you all and move towards narrowing down this list.


  1. No, come to CJ, it's a great post! Really!

  2. I'm so excited that so many of you are bidding! If I can't join you I can live through you! Enjoy!

  3. Loved Macedonia, making my way in Kenya (fully expecting to love it by the time we leave) & would likely avoid Uganda.

    All of that said, the best produce BY FAR was in Macedonia...most specifically the produce that comes from fermented grapes left in a barrel for awhile. =)


  4. B - You will join us one day - I'm positive. Stay hopeful!

    Bryn and J - I'll let you too sort that one out : ).

    NKL - Thanks!!

  5. HCMC/Saigon is completely and totally amazing!

  6. M - I am happy to hear it AND to see you have a blog. Perhaps you told me at some point in the past year and a half of our crazy FS lives, but if so, I had forgotten. Glad to find it now - especially noticing at first glance you have lots of food-related stuff. Peace!

  7. I love bidding too and even when it is not bidding season I will look up info on a country that I saw mentioned on TV or a blog. Anyway you asked for feedback about countries so here you go.

    I loved Jakarta Indonesia and would go back in a heartbeat. There was an abundance of yummy food there. Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai...everything from street carts to 5 star restaurants. No tacos though although there is Amigos which says it is TexMex - it isn't but it is a great place to hang out. There are an amazing number of western chain food places: Outback Steakhouse, TGIFridays, Burger King, KFC, McDonalds, Tony Romas, Dairy Queen, Crispy Creme donuts. There are some security concerns but I never felt threatened there, paid attention to the RSO announcements and never had any problems.

    I wouldn't go back to Frankfurt Germany. It was cold and expensive and the people are standoffish plus the housing there is the pits. All apartments with no a/c so no way to filter allergens and you can hear everything your neighbors do. The Germany food is heavy and going out to eat there was prohibitively expensive, although there were some good restaurants. No tacos and very limited asian choices.

  8. If it's food you're after, I'd imagine you could find happiness in most places (except maybe Iceland - isn't that where they bury stuff underground for months and then dig it up and eat it?). I miss the food every single time we leave a place. Currently I am craving Chinese noodles. But I miss the Turkish restaurant in Almaty, and the Hare Krisna joint. The Georgian food in Moscow! The peaches in Yerevan! Seriously, no matter where you go you will be so sad to leave the foods you just discovered. But you'll always find new ones. I'm currently enjoying grilled haloumi cheese in Amman. Best of luck bidding.