Monday, January 18, 2010

The Organic Aisle

When all else fails and you're desperate for a taste of home - try Bravo! It's the most homelike of our local supermarkets here in the DR. Sometimes I go and stare at the organic food aisle - for only $15 per box I could have my favorite Puffins cereal, for $40 maple syrup direct from Canada. If I were desperate, I could settle for some Kashi TLC Cheddar Cheese Crackers that would only set my back $5 - a mere 53% mark-up! Of course, this doesn't figure in the 16% import tax…which technically we don't have to pay, but practically we do because of course it's quite inconvenient to like, use subtraction. So, like a toddler in front of the Christmas display, I stare and covet, but never buy…it is, just food. And, for every time I don't buy the stuff from home because I should not have to pay that much for stuff that was overpriced to begin with, I recommit myself to discovering new tastes. But, those Blue Sky sodas are only about $1…

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