Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh How Our Garden Grows

Oh my goodness, so much to catch up on. First things first, the garden is going well. I love to look at it and wander around the small patches of veggies popping up. However, I never really feel quite certain that I shouldn’t be more proactive when it comes to the garden and that can be a bit disorienting. Our gardener seems to take such pride and care in his creation, but I’m looking at the lettuce thinking it looks ready for the salad bowl and I wonder, “Am I supposed to pick that myself or will he bring it to the door when it’s ready?” These are things I should investigate when I’m not directly attached to a four month old. Oh, and by the way, no garden progress photos with this post (read “four month old”).

The gardener and I are chronically miscommunicating. I feel a bit bad for my housekeeper. She must dread it every time I go out the door with my crappy French and start talking to him. It’s almost certainly going to end with them speaking Malagasy, pointing seriously at various patches of land and me nodding along as if it all makes sense. The last time this got me with (1) an herb garden that is mostly tomatoes and (2) egg shells crumbled up on top of everything. By the way, I once heard about 5 minutes of a gardening program on NPR where they said to plant eggshells with your tomatoes. I didn’t really research this, but I was sure to confidently tell the gardener, “They do this in the United States.” He looked at me like I was crazy…then our housekeeper just told him to throw the eggshells on top. I just gave up….and, I’m still not sure where the herb garden plans went in all this.

Oh, and he really likes to water things…anything really. I hate to waste water. And yes, I’m a party pooper of a mother – no sprinkler play for us! Anyway, I gave up on the “Don’t waste the water” speech in the DR. I have my theories about why this doesn’t go over well, but I’ll refrain from presenting them here. Suffice it to say, our gardener is dedicated to the hose and sometimes I look out at my driveway and think it looks clean enough to eat off of. Right now his watering is causing me angst because in our house you can chose to water the lawn or take a shower, but you can’t do both at the same time. If, for any reason (read “a four month old”), my morning shower gets pushed back to 10:00 AM, I can be found, dripping with soap in my hair calling to the housekeeper to please ask the gardener to stop watering the dirt so I can finish my shower.

And THIS MOMENT people is when I think, “How in the world did I get here!?” Gardener?! Housekeeper!? Africa!? And then I go back to my brown water shower and feel so thankful that here…at least for now…we have hot water. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

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