Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zapote - Take 2

As you can see above - I went out and purchased an apparently ripe zapote. As you will recall, I have tried this fruit before and struck out. This time I think I may have purchased one that was slightly over ripe, but overall in good eating condition.

The verdict? Still not my cup of fruit. I just don't like it. The last time it tasted like raw pumpkin. This time it tasted like mushy, raw pumpkin. I love pumpkin - cooked. So, I think I have given it a fair shot - for the sake of cultural and culinary exploration. My relationship with zapote ends here.

Next, I will re-try papaya, or lechoza, as it's called here. I have never liked papaya, but when we were at the resort, I took a pinch of a piece that I had put on Sammy's plate (I am all about helping my kids try things I don't myself eat) because it looked tasty. It was! It tasted amazing! I can't believe I forgot to write about this. I guess in my resort post I was writing about being homesick so the wonderful fruit experiences got a little pushed to the side. But, anyway, it tasted like butter and fruit and almonds. So, sometime soon I will make my way down to the fruit cart near me where I always seem to have luck getting the best fruit and pick up a lechoza and make something tasty and tell you guys all about it. I'm thinking this looks good.


  1. Mmm, papaya cut in half with lime squeezed onto it. Love it. I bet they will be so good there.

  2. not that you have to like zapote or anything, but have you asked how it's usually prepared? Maybe it's not meant to be eaten raw?

  3. They make juice and smoothies out of it here. But, I have also seen recipes for zapote muffins, mousse, etc. I could try them....but....nah. : )

  4. gotcha. There are so many more fruits to explore!

  5. Favorite quote: "My relationship with zapote ends here."

    LOL! Love that line!